About the Sno Wovel . . .
The Easy Way To Clear Snow

It's Fast

Clear snow as much as 3x faster than using a snow shovel. That's what people keep telling us. Sound amazing? Well, we proved it in test after test in some of the toughest snow conditions (over 2 feet and in snow-plow packed driveway aprons) with shovels, Sno Wovel wheeled snow shovels and even snow blowers.

But don't take our word for it the University of Massachussetts studied the Sno Wovel in its independent study, Time and Popular Mechanics have awarded the Sno Wovel best new products in America.

It's Safe

The Sno Wovel greatly reduces the very real risks of back and heart injuries from snow shoveling.

The awkward motions you make with a standard snow shovel can overstrain your back muscles and increase your risk of heart attack. The Sno Wovel is heart healthy and back saving alternative to snow shovels and without the dangerous blades and flying object associated with snow blowers, yet stores on the wall like other snow shovels.

It's Easy

Experience the powerful leverage of the Sno Wovel -power that makes it easy to carry and throw larger snow piles exactly where you want, without a whole lot of upper-body strength. Why risk overexertion and back injury? Get just enough exercise with the Worlds Safest Snow Shovel...